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Moonlight Manor


Where your Fears meet Living Nightmares

Moonlight Manor’s theme for 2019 is NIGHTMARES!


We all have them.  Some people more often then others.  But none of you have walked into real-life NIGHTMARES like those at Moonlight Manor this year. 

Moonlight Manor’s catch phrase says it all: Where Your Fears Become Living Nightmares - - this year Moonlight Manor is taking this motto to a whole new level of scary.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are probably the most famous ghost hunters that you’ve never really heard of.  Real-life Hauntings that were originally investigated by Ed and Lorraine were turned into some very famous movies and movie characters including The Amityville Horror and the Conjuring.  Annabelle, the haunted doll, was also first investigated by Ed and Lorraine. 

Moonlight Manor will be paying homage to Ed and Lorraine’s investigative spirits and to several of their haunted characters. 

Come and see if you recognize your favorite movie/haunting/Nightmare character.  See them up close and personal for the first time in real-life.  Dare to view them as only Moonlight Manor can present them, in the flesh, sort to speak. 



Moonlight Manor

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Haunted House in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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