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Moonlight Manor


Frequently Asked Questions

Where your Fears meet Living Nightmares

Q: What is Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt is one of the largest, premium Halloween Yard Haunted Houses operating in Grand Rapids Michigan since 2006. It is an interactive, outdoor, walk-through, haunted house, Halloween event. Participants walk themselves through a convoluted pathway which presents various scenes associated with the Halloween theme Moonlight Manor Haunthas chosen for the current year. You will encounter live "scareactors" and many special effects. You never know what is around the next bend, when a scare prop or a "scareactor" might suddenly appear! Being startled is all part of the fun.

Q: Is Moonlight Manor Haunt the same every year?

A: The theme of Moonlight Manor Haunt changes dramatically each year. Expect new effects, sets, characters and scares.

Q: Where is Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt is located at 5420 Fieldstone Drive SW, Wyoming Michigan, 49418 off of Byron Center Avenue between 52nd and 56th streets. See the Map link for directions.

Q: When is Moonlight Manor Haunt open?

A: Visit our Schedule link for the most current information.

Q: How long has Moonlight Manor Haunt been operating?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt has been operating each Halloween season since 2006.

Q: Is the show scary?

A: Yes, according to our visitors "VERY SCARY"! We attempt to make Moonlight Manor Haunt a fun but eerie experience that leaves your heart pumping for more. We are a limited-gory, high-scare, haunted house event designed to even scare adults.

Q: Is it dark?

A: Yes, we make Moonlight Manor Haunt as dark as possible. This aids in the growing of our Monsters.

Q: Can small children visit Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: We do enforce age restrictions at Moonlight Manor Haunt, children 10 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Moonlight Manor Haunt is not designed for small children and we recommend a minimium age of 10 years old. Parental discretion is advised. We have had younger children that have had a great time at Moonlight Manor Haunt, but you know your children. If they are afraid of the dark or if they do not understand that the "screactors" that jump out are not real, then maybe Moonlight Manor Haunt is not for them.

CAUTION: Moonlight Manor Haunt may be too intense for children or impressionable adults.  Moonlight Manor Haunt is not recommended for patrons who are pregnant, have heart conditions or are in general poor health. See Rules Link Health Warning.

Moonlight Manor Haunt does not offer refunds of donations for any visitors who are too frightened to enjoy the entire attraction.

Q: Will the monster "scareactors" touch me?

A: No, our marauding, unworldly and insane "scareactors" will not touch you and in return we ask that you do not touch the "scareactors". However, they do get close. During a scare event like Moonlight Manor Haunt an inadvertent touch may happen, occasionally you may brush up against a "scareactor's" costume or prop. You may also come into contact with some of the sets. We ask for your understanding if you are accidently touched. Security will escort you from Moonlight Manor Haunt if you intentionally touch any of the props or our "scareactors".

Q: If I don't make it through, can I have a refund of my donation?

A: Our job is to scare you, if we do such a good job that you can't make it through Moonlight Manor Haunt, then we did our job very well. Sorry no refunds. All donations are final.

Q: Can we be injured at your attraction?

A: We've never had any serious injuries at Moonlight Manor Haunt in our years of operating this haunted house. Running is the main cause of minor injuries. Make sure to follow the rules and DON'T run and you should be fine. Moonlight Manor Haunt is not recommended for patrons who are pregnant, claustrophobic, asthmatic, prone to seizures, have respiratory or heart issues, are afraid of the dark or suffer from ANY health condition that could be worsened or triggered by extreme fright, startles, scares, anxiety, stress, loud noises, strobe lights, air bursts, artificial fog, or any other action or activity associated with a setting that you enter for the purpose of being intentionally frightened.

Q: Is Moonlight Manor Haunt a ride?

A: No, visitors walk through the Moonlight Manor Haunt.

Q: Is it a maze? Can I get lost?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt is not a maze but it does have a convoluted path. Many areas of  the attraction are confusing, but our volunteers will help you find your way if necessary.

Q: Will I be pushed through the venue like some other haunted houses in the area?

A: No. Moonlight Manor Haunt is committed to scaring you, which means that we keep your group small, 2 to 3 people per group, and isolated as much as possible. We don't want you to see the scare taking place in front of you, that way you'll get to experience the greatest Adrenalin rush from the show. Also Moonlight Manor Haunt is a smaller venue than some other haunts, this allows us to give you a more intimate experience.

Q: Is the waiting line indoors or outdoors?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt is an outdoor attraction, please be prepared in case of bad weather.

Q: Is Moonlight Manor Haunt open rain or shine?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt tries to remain open if at all possible, however, since we are an outdoor event we may have to close during extreme weather conditions, heavy rain or lightning temporarily or for the entire night. The Moonlight Manor Haunt Hotline 616-257-8917 will be updated with any applicable cancellation information. Please be sure to call and check this Hotline if the weather is questionable or immediately following a rainstorm. Alternative dates may be established if a date cancellation is required.

Q: Can I purchase tickets online?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt does not sell tickets. Admittance is free, donations are accepted at the gate.

Q: Does Moonlight Manor Haunt accept Credit Cards or Checks?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt accepts cash donations at the gate.

Q: Does Moonlight Manor Haunt offer VIP passes?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt does not offer VIP passes.  admittance is free.  

Q: Are Group Discounts available for Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: Moonlight Manor Haunt does not offer Group Discounts

Q: Once we've used our ticket can we go through Moonlight Manor Haunt again with the same ticket?

A: No typically patrons are only allowed to pass through Moonlight Manor once.  

Q; What happens to the money I donate to Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: The proceeds from donations are re-invested into Moonlight Manor Haunt for improvements during successive Halloween seasons helping Moonlight Manor Haunt to grow bigger and scarier each year.

Q: Who puts on Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: Primarily it is the Lamb Family and close-knit friends that build, decorate, assemble, purchase, populate and haunt the haunted house at the Moonlight Manor Haunt.

Q: Do you have strobe lights, loud noises or fog and is there any health concern?

A: Yes, we do have strobe lights, very loud noises and fog machines. These items have been known to cause epileptic seizures. Respiratory discomfort may be caused by the fog.

Q: Can we be thrown out of the attraction for any reason?

A: Yes, Moonlight Manor Haunt does not allow foul language, pushing, running, shoving, tripping or other unsafe behavior, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We have a list of rules that must be adhered to for you own safety. See Rules link.

Q: Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

A: No, and they are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any.

Q: Is smoking allowed?

A: No, smoking is not allowed on the property.

Q: Can we take flash photos of Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: Photos are allowed outside of the attraction, however, NO photography of any sort is allowed inside Moonlight Manor Haunt. Moonlight Manor Haunt is dark and people's eyes (especially the "scareactors") adjust to the low light level. When you flash your camera you're not only ruining other customers' experience but you're hurting the "scareactors" eyes.

Q: What can't we bring with us inside Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: No pets! No weapons!, No items deemed dangerous!, No alcoholic beverages! No cameras or video recording devices! No smoking or open flames of any kind!, No laser pointers, flashlights or other light-emitting devices! No food or beverages! No loose cell phones, pagers, lighters, matches, cigarettes or other hand-carried items! Items lost in Moonlight Manor may never be found. We are not able to turn on the lights to look for lost items at night. Lost items are the responsibility of the attendee(s), Moonlight Manor is not responsible for lost items.

Q: Can I volunteer at Moonlight Manor Haunt?

A: Yes, Moonlight Manor Haunt is always looking for volunteers who would enjoy involvement in a different type of Halloween event. Opportunities for those individuals +18 years of age or with parental consent who might want to work behind the scenes or center stage or both are available: "Scareactors", props, lighting, make-up, costumes, sound, etc. Please contact Moonlight Manor Haunt.

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