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The Moonlight Manor Haunt is one of the largest, premium, outdoor, Halloween Yard, Haunted Houses in Grand Rapids Michigan. The Moonlight Manor haunted attraction was established in 2006 and is Grand Rapids, Michigan's best kept haunted house secret. Growing over the years from three "scareactors" and a few tombstones, to covering more than 1,700 square feet with over twenty "scareactors" today, the Moonlight Manor haunted attraction in Grand Rapids Michigan provides a hauntingly good time and adrenaline rush as part of your thrill-seeking, Halloween festivities. Scaring is our business. Although we may be smaller in size than some other Haunted Houses, we pack in more scares per square foot and are happy to add a few jolts to your nervous system to boot.

Moonlight Manor Haunt is an interactive, outdoor, walk-through, self-guided, Halloween event, haunted house in Grand Rapids Michigan. Participants walk themselves through a dark, convoluted pathway, around twists and turns where various elaborate scenes associated with the Halloween theme for the current year are presented. To maximize our patrons experience and to keep things unpredictable for our repeat visitors Moonlight Manor Haunt changes the theme every year.

Patrons move through the complex series of corridors and discover detailed scenes of scare-you-to-death excitement. From Matilda's floating, disembodied spirit; the eerily, giant, Evil Eyes overlooking all the proceedings; the full-scale, horse drawn hearse carrying the latest victim; the cemetery full of tombstones, the decrepit dead and not so dead; to pure dripping evil Moonlight Manor haunted house in Grand Rapids Michigan will thrill your senses and put terror right in your face.

Multiple automated and static props are arranged along the nearly 600 foot, walk-route path to add startle and horror to your Halloween experience. This trek is not for the faint of heart. The unexpected is just around the corner, poised to lunge at you and make you think that your heart will pop out of your chest. Watch your back! Are you ever so grateful that you brought a friend? Hold on to them tightly. No one wants to go through Moonlight Manor haunted attraction in Grand Rapids Michigan alone.

Don't forget about all those "scareactors" that are just waiting to appear out of nowhere to scare you within an inch of your life. You never know what is lurking around the next bend, when a scare prop or a "scareactor" might suddenly appear! Of course, being startled is all part of the fun; having a spine-chilling adventure is the goal.

The Moonlight Manor theme for 2017, Come join us and see first hand the Moonlight Manor haunted house in Grand Rapids, Michigan   Where Your Fears Meet Living Nightmares!

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