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Moonlight Manor

The Moonlight Manor Story

Moonlight Manor Theater had been the 1925 height of Vaudeville entertainment. The golden accoutrements of the Theater catered to the upper echelon of society.  Only the best entertainers in the world were booked to play the Moonlight Manor Theater.  If your act was booked to play the Moonlight Manor Theater then you knew you had finally “hit the Big Time.”   Nothing but the Best was good enough for Moonlight Manor patrons……


Then cinema, radio and television began to eat their way into the market.  There was no room for “live” entertainment and fewer and fewer dollars were being spent on it.  Live entertainment was too expensive and less exciting than the new entertainment mediums.   Vaudeville houses began to close by the dozens.  Moonlight Manor Theater was no exception.  In 1930 the Theater closed its doors after it’s last show. 


In 1940 the Theater was scheduled for demolition.  But when the demolition crews arrived to begin the work, they swore that they saw ghostly apparitions inside the building and unexplainable deeds taking place.   They left never to return.


The Theater has stood there ever since.  Waiting. 

Waiting for the acts to return.  Waiting for the crowds to return.  Waiting to experience that excitement and energy again.   Waiting to light the lights.   Waiting to start the music.  Waiting for it all.

 The wait is over!!!


Moonlight Manor Theater is ready for you. Your front row seat is ready. Let the show begin

even if the acts are not exactly alive…..

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